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HMR Auction Services Inc. is an affiliate company within the HMR Group of companies. Founded in 1994, HMR Auctions specializes in the valuation, advisory and re-marketing of obsolete commercial assets through a range of innovative disposal solutions.

Over the past 25 years we have developed a reputation for integrity, fairness and creating dynamic full-service solutions for the unique requirements of each of our clients.

HMR Auctions conducts daily auctions for all asset types.

Through HMR Auctions live and online auction events; buyers and sellers can engage in a fair, transparent and efficient marketplace.

A Full Service Solution

We can help you!

• Valuation of the assets
• Manpower to prepare the assets for sale
• Cataloging and description
• All communication and assistance for buyers
• Sale through a competitive bidding environment
• Nation Wide Promotion and Marketing campaign to attract as many potential bidders to your assets
• All after-sale requirements
• Logistics and warehousing

Watch this Video of our auto auction!

We Specialize In:

• Restaurant and Bar Closures
• Entertainment and Leisure Closures
• Used Car Auctions
• Construction Machinery Auctions
• Trucking and Fleet

• Full Site Closures
• Industrial and Manufacturing
• Consumer Goods (returns and surplus)
• Valuation and Advisory Services
• Real Estate

Why Choose HMR?

• Ensure Fair Market Value for every asset sold
• Assets are marketed to and exposed to a wide pool of qualified buyers
• Assets are sold quickly
• Commitment to excellence for every sale
• Over 25 years of experience
• Convenience of bidding online and/or in-person
• Internationally schooled auctioneers
• Trusted with sale of assets by banks, multi-national corporations, non-government organizations, car manufacturers and many more
• Can provide full service solutions, including: cataloging, re-marketing, project management and Government compliance

Watch this video of our auction - we sold out!

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